Janie and I Got Married Last Night…


…for about the twentieth time.

Every time we are honored to attend someone’s wedding, it’s our wedding.

We’re discreet about it: we don’t try to horn in on another couple’s big day…but it’s our big day too. Jes’ sayin’.

Other couples celebrate their anniversaries: we celebrate our weddings.

Last night’s wedding was particularly nice. It had all the check-em-off ingredients;

  • A bride, lovely in the extreme.
  • A groom, bustin’ with pride.
  • Personalized vows with charming personality.
  • Impossibly tiny and appropriately bewildered flower girls.

But there was more.

This wedding was in a castle.

It was my first time to actually be in Castle Post on Versailles Road. It was a lovely event. The weather was spectacular. We were able to have the actual ceremony outdoors in sunny comfort. The food, the music, and the company was fine. Janie and I walked to our car afterward under a moon framed by turrets and crenelated walls.

Married again.

I could not be more pleased.

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