We’ve Always Got the Diner

It’s movie night.

From tonight’s movie masterpiece;

–“Whaddaya doin’?”

–“Breakin’ windows.”


–“Hey, it’s just a smile.”

Everyone knows about chick flicks and rom coms.

–“Hey, do you know what word I’m not comfortable with? Nuance.”

Here’s a question for you; what would be the complete opposite of a chick flick?

–“Hey, where’s yer date?”

–“I gave her away. I got five dollars.”

Answer; Barry Levinson’s DINER. I love this flick. I wanna be in this flick. I think maybe I was in this flick.

–“Hey, you gonna finish that?”

–“You want it? Ask for it!

–“No, no… I just thought if you’re not gonna finish it?”

Guys in ties – hangin’ out – in the wee hours – at the diner. It’s a solid concept. When I was singing in a rock and roll band in my teens we would finish our gig at 1am, and then head to the Jerry’s Drive-In at New Circle and Broadway. The other local bands would do the same. It was a solid concept…over J-Boys and onion rings.

–“Hey, you wanna talk? Ya got the guys at the diner! Ya don’ need a woman.”

No-o-o-o-o…definitely not a chick flick.

–“Hey! It’s just a smile”

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