Look Back in Puzzlement

Movie Night!

I’m watching Look Back in Anger on a tape I made from an early 90’s TV broadcast on Bravo.

It’s not a great film and Richard Burton’s performance is quite over the top, but I love this script. I did some scene work from it in college and remember being so mightily impressed even then. It’s an interesting film and well worth the time invested.

Or is it?

Seeing the film again and seeing the quality of Bravo’s 1990’s offerings sent me into a geezer moment.

You’ve been warned.

I am not one to long for the good old days. I am quite happy with how today went and look forward to an even better day tomorrow.

However, I do think I preferred a world where Bravo showed Look Back in Anger and Kagemusha and Picnic at Hanging Rock to a world dominated by Fox and MNBC and six (or even one, for that matter) consecutive episodes of “Love After Lockup”.

I also think I preferred a world where if I disagreed with you about something it didn’t immediately escalate and become labeled as a war on whatever.

I think I preferred a world where bigger wasn’t always better, where louder wasn’t always right, where different was just different and perhaps not to my taste (like Richard Burton in this flick) but OK.

I think I preferred a world where a lie was a lie no matter how loudly or often it was shouted and repeated.

I think I did.

I think I shoulda watched a happier British flick. Maybe a Carry On film should be in the offing.

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