The Invisible Dog and “The Book”

It’s Movie Night and we’re headin’ south.

Janie and I used to go Hilton Head on vacation. We didn’t have any money. Janie’s great friends had a condo there and were kind enough to share it with us occasionally.

Hilton Head was great but we don’t play golf or tennis and we’re not Republicans so our days would be filled with day trips to surrounding areas. Thus, our first visit to Savannah was sort of a vacation from our vacation. We slipped over there one day and wandered around the squares and shops. We even took a horse-drawn carriage tour. We’re suckers for ‘em and pretty tolerant of tourism mendacity. We understand the tour guide’s not lyin’, he’s just tellin’ us a story; though I do recall a memorable afternoon in Charleston on a horse-drawn carriage ghost tour when Janie corrected the newly-hired guide at every stop. He was mortified. What can I say? I’m married to a paranormal fact-checker. In Savannah that first visit, everyone all day kept referring to “the book”. We didn’t know what they were talking about. Finally, as is inevitable when traveling with me, a bookstore found us and there it was in the window, recently but firmly established on the New York Times Best-Seller’s List; MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL. We bought it. I read it the next day; Janie the day after. We were completely charmed.

Then the movie came out and I was charmed all over again.

I’m not qualified to comment in depth on Clint Eastwood’s directorial abilities but I love this film.

I love the music. I love the accents and cadences. I love the lushness. AND I love Kevin Spacey’s performance. His stroll through the park with John Cusack at the beginning of the film and his pressing through the crowd at his party, simultaneously communicating with his voice, his eyes, and his hands with three different people… It was masterful.

How can you not love a film that features;

  • No hint of winter.
  • An invisible dog.
  • A line like; “Savin’ face in the most difficult circumstances, it’s the Southern way.”
  • Houseflies on strings.
  • A line like “Billy was known to be a good time, but he was not yet a good time had by all.”
  • The Lady Chablis, aka Frank.
  • The songs of Johnny Mercer, especially “Fools Rush In”. “Oh, I see the danger there. If there’s a chance for me then I don’t care.” Can I get an Amen?

I love this film and I love Savannah.

Remind me one day to relate how Janie and I were in Savannah for the end of the world.

It’s true!

Oh, the world survived its demise (in case you hadn’t noticed in this presidential race), but if it hadn’t, we were goin’ out with sweet sherry on our bedstead and chocolate on our pillows.

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