Pigeons…What Might They Mean?

Movie night!

For the umpteenth time I’m revisiting King of Hearts.

I’m pretty well convinced you can’t pretend to be a knowledgeable human being without seeing this film, though that might not disqualify you from a presidential nomination. The film is (as TCM puts it) one of the “essentials”. Also, this film and On the Waterfront and the disturbing Eye of the Needle constitute a fascinating triple-feature of films in which pigeons play an important role. Clearly this is another under-studied film genre. It’s probably best to leave it so. You could wander into some heavy…

But I wonder.

What strikes me on this viewing of King of Hearts is the heartbreakingly charming performance of Genevieve Bujold. I suppose Ms. Bujold will be remembered primarily for her Anne of a Thousand Days, and she will forever try to make folks forget Earthquake, but for me her fascination is in my pondering what kind of journey takes the Coquilotte in King of Hearts to the Dr. Nancy Love in the quirky Choose Me. The journey may not be as long as I first assumed. Both characters profess a worldly knowledge (sex) and a casual proficiency (sex) that neither actually possesses.

If we begin to think of Nancy as a grown-up Coquilotte, would that mean David Carradine is the King of Hearts? Hm-m-m-m-m. Heavy…

By the way, Choose Me is certainly worth a look, if only to watch Lesley Anne Warren locomote from her car to the bar.

Whoa……..temp just went up in here!

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