How Deep Does It Go?

Let’s assume for a moment that Russia at least attempted to determine the result of the 2016 US presidential election. Can we all accept that assumption?

If not, would those of you who cannot accept that assumption, simply absent yourselves from this pondering? I’m not looking to change your vote or remove your guns, but frankly, I can’t do business with you anymore.

That was an uncivil request.

I apologize.

But I’m moving on.

Let’s assume for a moment that Russia at least attempted to determine the result of the 2016 US presidential election. If so, then a few other assumptions present themselves as possible;

  1. They tried but had no affect (Are we OK with that? – I’m not), or
  2. They were successful by swaying voters’ opinions (ARE WE OK WITH THAT? – I’m not), or
  3. They were successful by actually changing votes in our voting mechanism (good grief!), or
  4. Assumptions “2” and “3” (…crickets…).

I don’t know which of those assumptions, if any, is true. But I know they are all important and scary. Yet the current occupant of the White House and much of our Congress (bicameral and bipartisan) don’t seem terribly perturbed by these possibilities.

Why is that?

By the way, if you don’t know the terms “bicameral” and “bipartisan”, please look them up. Yes, you are entitled to your opinion – your informed opinion. Informed…informed…INFORMED……that’s sorta important and useful. It’s a good thing to actually know what you’re talking about. It’s not “fake” or “elite”, it’s useful.

If any of the assumptions above are true, what makes us think this was their first try?

Does it seem logical that their first attempt to affect US elections was the US presidency? Wouldn’t you wanna practice first before you took on the big game? Wouldn’t you wanna see what you could do in say…Fresno…or Wisconsin or…Kentucky, before you took a shot at Washington?

Maybe the un-urgency of the response to this cyber-attack has something to do with the culpability of the respondents……in various state capitols and various buildings in Washington.

In my business life, when I was confused or uncertain about the people keeping an eye on my business, I changed the eyes.

It usually opened mine.

Jes’ sayin’.

1 thought on “How Deep Does It Go?

  1. Full disclosure, I had to look up bicameral.
    I want to be informed. I fear those who support the current Administration are not informed because their news sources omit information that is worthwhile to hear. So, we have two branches of government that need to cooperate for democracy to work. Clearly, it’s not working – not working by itself let alone with Russian interference. No one is forcing another to believe something different – just stay informed.
    Thank you Roger Leasor

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