Return of the Witch

Movie night!

Uh…This’ll be quick.


I may write the definitive book of that title. It’ll take about fifteen minutes. I think there were two.

Tonight I’m watching one of them; Noita Palaa Elemaan (no need to buy a vowel there). The English title is Return of the Witch (I’m thinkin’ something may have been lost in the translation).

My friend Joe would give this a “thumbs-up” – much sheer, back-lit fabric, when there’s any fabric at all. But he’s a one-issue voter. Aside from the titillation factor, there’s not much here – not even a Helsinki-stompin’ monster.

I may pass on completing my survey of Finnish films.

…an unfinished Finn film fest…

Se on liian huono.

And hard to say!

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