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Curling Collectibles

I had 20 of ’em!

I collected baseball cards when I was a kid. They’re gone now. They’ve suffered various fatal fates over the years. Some of them were sacrificed early (Don Clendenon, Marv Throneberry…) and attached to the spokes of my bike to change my whirring wheels to WHIR-R-R-R-RING wheels. But others were precious; Pete Rose’s rookie card, Roberto Clemente, Mickey Mantle, Warren Spahn, Fritz Brickell…treasures all.



Which curling cards would be the gems?

Well…this tyro would be seeking the cards of Nina Roth (US Ladies’ icy assassin), Italy’s Stafania Constantini, John Schuster and Tyler George (the passion and the skill of the US Men), and the sultry Swede, Almida De Val (because…well…damn).



AND the entire South Korean Ladies squad. They gave themselves English marketing names based on what they had for breakfast. Ya gotta root for a team with players named; Pancake, Sunny, Steak, and Annie (a brand of yogurt).

Curling…cool…before cool was cool.