A Shaggy Endorsement

janie 86 chloe-futon
Vote for McGrath…woof!

The current US President striving to turn Twitter to Gibber in the White House…

An Attorney General re-opening long-decided investigations in people the current US President dislikes, and dismissing the trial-decided prison sentences of people the current US President likes.

Children in cages by order of the current US President…

People like the neighbors I grew up with, in various arenas screaming “Lock her up!” as the current US President looks on encouragingly…

Almost 100,000 have died in the US from Covid-19, an infection the current US President called a hoax. His response? He suggests medicines considered dangerous by scientists and doctors, and plays golf for two days, having worked hard and well.

The tsunami of nightly lies and gibber from the current US President…

The current US President…

A congress that supports the current US President…

My current US Senator that has voted with the current US President 97% of the time.

My current US Senator who recently got a lifetime appointment for a lawyer considered “unqualified” (by the American Bar Association) as a Federal Judge. His qualification? He’s Republican and young enough to be around for a while.

These make for a raw day.

Or…a good day to talk to the dog.

I’ve written about Chloe the Wonder Pup before (see “The Homeward Three-Step”). She‘s not a beauty, ‘cept to me. She’s shaggy. You see her and you wanna grab some shears and make a sweater. She usually has debris spackling her face. She is flotsam and jetsam and blind love incarnate. She can howl like a banshee at squirrels…they quake…with laughter.

She’s direct…no gibber here.

“Chlo, my girl, whaddaya think about this mess?”

“Fuggitaboutit! Is Chuck out in his yard?” (Chuck is our neighbor on the corner for whom Chloe has a totally inappropriate passion.)

“No, He’s at work. I’m serious here. The country seems to be tearing itself apart because of this current US President.”

“Is the current US President here? Is Joanna here? (Joanna is our mail carrier for whom Chloe has a totally inappropriate passion.)

“No, he’s not. He’s in Washington. And Joanna won’t be here for another hour or so.”

“Why are you worrying about someone who’s more than five blocks away? How far away is Joanna?”

“Closer, probably. Are you saying I should worry more about the people nearby?”

“Well, duh. You can’t do anything about the far-away guy. You could however, change that Senator. That sounds useful.”

“So, you’re suggesting voting for McGrath?”

“Unless Joanna’s running.”

And that’s my shaggy dog story for today.

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